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I thought I’d show some pictures since I tend to be painfully bad at that, so this is a sort of strike while the iron is hot melange.

This is my first attempt at ice cream in my Blendtec, and it was a sort of soft serve triple berry. The Music Man declared it his favorite ice cream ever (I didn’t like it quite that much, but it was tasty).

This is my first attempt at sprouted wheat bread. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste, but I will try it
again, especially now that I’m making a sourdough starter with the yeast that’s in grapes (wild), as well as water and flour.

My newly semi-organized pantry. It’s hard to buy in bulk in such a small space, sigh. First row is grains (cereal, rice, pasta), second row is canned goods and my beloved organic peanut butter, third row is staples (the 1-gallon pails are sucanat and sucanat with honey), and the bottom is a gallon of honey, plus onions and sweet potatoes. Doors are mostly beans, which I use for
Ezekiel bread, as well as some dried fruit and nuts. Since I don’t eat refined sugar, I have to have SOMETHING.

And finally, some of my grain. The three 6-gallon pails are organic hard and soft whites and hard red wheat. The 1-gallon pails are rye, barley, spelt, flax, and gluten. I also have 2 more 45 lb. pails of wheat in the garage. As for storage, they all fit under the desk you see in the kitchen, which techinally I use for more counter space (the toaster oven and griddle are over there, with a bookshelf for my cookbooks above.

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My BlendTec is here. I made a green smoothie and tossed in 1/4 of a lemon, peel and seeds and all. Makes for a very bright tasting smoothie, that’s for sure!

Later I’m making ice cream, and then sorbet. Or maybe sorbet first. Who knows. I’m totally jazzed. Oh, and there’s a recipe for wheat milk in there, too. I bet the kids would love that! 🙂

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. No disrespect intended, but that’s what I think about green smoothie. Or Smoothie, as she is known around our house. She’s part of the family, after all.

Today I went to three thrift stores looking for a replacement blender to tide me over until the new one comes. Nada. I was feeling rather dejected because I couldn’t imagine waiting until Saturday to have my beloved Smoothie. I pulled into the garage defeated, when I saw it. Angels sang. There was a Christmas-like shaft of light that seemed to come from heaven itself and landed on the cheap plastic blender that we got when we were first married.

It had no blade, but my husband never throws anything away. He’s a real packrat. I came in, trying not to get my hopes up and casually asked where the blade was for that blender, not knowing whether it would work. He found the blade in about 2 minutes, and we got the thing going. A little rickety, but it turned. The greens were a little chunkier than usual,
but it was green Smoothie.

I still can’t wait to get my BlendTec, but this will serve until Saturday. Now I’m going to make another, just because I can.

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