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Over at A Holy Experience, Ann mentioned how she names her years. I’ve been thinking about that; how these seasons of my life really deserve to be honored. But how does one name a year? What would you call the hardest thing you’ve ever walked through, and why give it a name to remember?

I have the sense that 2011 is going to be trying in a number of ways. That sorta bums me out because 2010 was tough for lots of reasons; pregnancy, physical pain, beginning homeschooling, adding a fourth baby to the mix.

This year, sigh. I started counseling for some of my issues in October, and man, the pressure is mounting. Here’s a recap of my last three months: gave birth, started counseling, was contacted by my father’s estranged brother, my job disappeared, and the cherry on top of the 2010 sundae, my father contacted me a few days ago.

Yeah, that father. The one I haven’t talked to in 12 years and haven’t seen in almost 20. Joy.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to work through.

But back to 2011’s title. It came to me today when I was watching a mediocre movie, When In Rome. The guys were in a bar and I spied a sign in Russian. In English, it’s transliterated “pravda.” Truth.

2011 will be the year of truth. I’m terrified. Bring it on.

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