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I’ve been learning to grieve these last couple of months, and it’s been a real challenge. A month or so ago I placed an open call for songs of lament, and my friend Rachael (besties starting in sixth grade) came through with a Beth Hart song called Lifetime. It’s ripping me to shreds right about now, but in a really holy way.

Of course, since I had counseling today, the Not-So-Casual Observer got a head start on the shredding. We’re just starting to delve into the idea of being fathered by the Father, and I squirm and writhe under the fear-slash-hope of this process. I wish I had counseling every week, but I’m grateful that Jesus trusts me enough to do this with an appointment only every other.

There is more to say, more that begs to come out of my fingertips, but my spirit asks me to hide it away for just a while longer. And so I will, as I’m learning to listen to what I didn’t even know I needed. Oh, so much to say. Sigh.

But back to the song. It’s my life, my past. It’s my radio and, “don’t call, the truth ain’t home.” If you need a good cry, this should get you there.



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