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Today, my son, you are five. Five sounds like a big kid number, not a little kid number. We will celebrate you a bit more today than we do every other day. There will be cake and presents and the wild cacophony of Chuck E. Cheese.

You are kind; the kindest, tenderest boy I know. The way you love your sisters amazes me. You help them, plot with them, question them, soothe them. You act as peacemaker. You defer to them. Watching you with them shows me the sort of husband and father you’ll be: patient, kind, warm, loving, funny, sweet. You are amazing.

As you grow, I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses your strengths of compassion and mercy to make you more like Jesus. I love how hard you love, and with such gusto. I loveĀ  how you care about being close to your girls.

I love to watch you conquer things, how brave you are. You potty trained yourself when you were a brand-new two. You learned to read at four with only your sister’s help. You play Wii like your life depends on it. Last night when you split your lip, you weighed the cost of the shot and stitches and decided you’d go through with it if I thought you should. That’s courage, my son, that is faith.

I’ve never met a grownup who didn’t love your sweet charm. Keep your heart pure, dear boy, and that will be an irresistible draw to the heart of God for others in your life. You are a mighty warrior, beloved of God, beloved of us, precious and wonderful. Happy five, my boy. You are our treasure.

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Um, wow. The scale says I’m up SIX POUNDS from my 162.something on Wednesday. Now, I realize I’ve eaten restaurant food three times. There was a big birthday in there, some significant stress, and some stuff I’m now too Southern to post, but suffice it to say that six pounds is a huge dent to my self esteem.

I’ve also learned an important lesson: Do not order a 1/2 sheet cake for your 3 year old’s birthday. You will feel compelled to finish it because it was expensive. This is especially true when you can’t pawn huge chunks off on people at Chuck E. Cheese like we managed to do last time. I will say this, it will be finished tomorrow. Given that a 1/2 sheet serves 80 people, I’ll leave you to figure out how much cake we’ve eaten per person in six days. Gag.

I haven’t skipped any workouts, so I don’t believe that this is an actual gain. I should have actually LOSTĀ  a pound this week, according to the math. But it’s a bummer.

OK, I’m done whining about it. I’ve got to get myself back to the gym tomorrow after taking today off with a sick little one. Can’t wait to see my numbers fall again!

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