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In preparing to leave our church, the Lord has been speaking two specific scriptures to me time and again. The first was preparatory, “I will not let you go until You bless me.” It was a double reminder: first, to be willing to struggle for the blessing of doing what God has called us to do, and second to know that we will not leave where we are without a wholehearted sending from our church.

The second scripture is Ex 3:1-6. There Moses was, tending his sheep on the mountain of God, minding his own business. Then, the angel of the Lord just appears in the burning bush. Moses, understandably interested in this on-fire-but-not-consumed bush, goes to check it out. As he approaches, God speaks to him by name.

“Take your sandals off, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

This morning, I had a thought. God called Moses to remove his sandals, when effectively all sandals did in those times was to keep a bit of separation from the elements. Moses’ feet were surely filthy beneath the thin bit of leather; sand gets in and on everything and sticks violently. So why remove them if what’s beneath is just as dirty as the shoes themselves?

Because God wanted Moses closer to Himself. He wanted what stood between them to be removed. God’s heart is that what separates us should be taken away so that even our filthy feet vibrate with His holiness.

I wonder, do the feet tingle while standing where God is? Do they reverberate with His awesome presence? Are we cleansed by simply standing where we are told to stand? I think so, on all accounts.

Last night we got our fourth and final green light in the new church process; I talked to the Not-So-Casual Observer about how the counseling relationship looks if we are in the same church. It was a good discussion, and so freeing to know that SHE is the one who will take care of the boundaries, all I have to do is follow her lead. That feels safe to me.

The grief is finally setting in, and I’m bracing myself for a season of painful goodbyes and well as painful hellos (I’m a little shy in new situations). I’m hoping to embrace it as yet another gift of this season of my life.


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