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It’s been  a roller coaster of a year for my family. We lost lots of friends in a church transition (people left, but we’re not calling it a church plant or a church split. Call it whatever you want). We had a baby. We got jobs, lost jobs, started counseling, heard from a father, and were called to a new church.

Today I was thinking about a father’s blessing. In the Old Testament, a father’s blessing told you who you were. We crave this, need it, and so often miss it.

When the church transition happened, my family was promised a blessing as we  followed God by staying at our church, but it never came. Someone important in our lives, powerful, and significantly opinionated told me that he didn’t believe we’d heard God, that I was just leading my husband by the nose because I wanted to stay with my “new friends.” Ouch.

I spent months doubting my ability to hear and follow the Lord. This man, who I love and admire and respect greatly, stole my blessing and stripped me of my confidence. Such is the power of our pastoral leaders, if only they knew.

Today we got word from our pastor; he believes this is a God-lead move, he wants to release and bless us to go to our new church. I find myself sobbing at the thought, not only of leaving my church family, not only at getting the blessing I was willing to wrestle for, but of the absolute gift of those lies coming untrue (Listen to Jason Gray if you don’t understand this expression).

We DID hear God correctly a year ago. My HUSBAND is leading our family into this move. JESUS is my confidence. God is restoring what the locusts have eaten. And even though I count this a joy, I’m still haunted by the fact that my blessing is coming from someone other than the one who promised it.

“There’s no wound that love won’t mend and finally redeem” says one of my favorite songs. I’m seeing that happen, seeing the Kingdom come today. For me.

We’re given the choice: bless or curse. What do you choose?


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