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I have to say that yesterday was the best Easter I’ve ever had. I couldn’t hear or feel Jesus at all Friday or Saturday, making the Resurrection that much sweeter.

After the disaster that was Thursday night, I went to Good Friday service with some people who are precious to me and whom I really miss having in my life. It was powerful, painful, what I needed. When I went to talk with Jesus on Saturday, I felt like He was wanting me to fully experience what like is like without Him, what it would be like for all of us had He not been resurrected. To experience the majesty and the mystery of Jesus just to have it ripped away; there is no hurt so deep.

Yesterday I rose at 6:00 to read the story of the resurrection, to savor it, before my morning run. I left the house about 6:30 when it was just starting to get light outside. It was dark and cool, and I had time to just praise my risen Lord. Sunrise was at 7:16, and I was at the top of a huge hill. Between the slash pines, the red-orange fireball rose, blinding me. It was beautiful.

On the return trip, I saw bunnies. I watched families do their morning Easter egg hunts. I smelled the intoxicating aroma of turkey baking. The scent of fresh laundry greeted me around one corner, and I was reminded of someone precious in my life (love it when that happens). I love my Sunday runs; they give me time to process through things I was too busy for the rest of the week.

I came home and we made our way to church. It wasn’t a typical Easter sermon. We’re in a series about the lies we believe, and the message was about our value. You should listen, it’s pretty amazing. My buttons were pushed bigtime, so I got up and sat on the floor in the back. For some reason, that made me feel better. 🙂

After church, we went to a picnic hosted by the church founded by the people whose small group we were in for nearly five years. It was nice to be together again with people we love.

The Music Man took the kids out for a while and I had some time to myself. I finished reading Redeeming Love for like the fourth time (gets me every. single. time), met with Jesus, and spent some time doing my counseling homework.After the kiddos were in bed, MM and I had some time together, which was nice. All in all, the best Easter I’ve ever had.


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