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Something I’ve been kicking around lately is the idea of truth. It all started last year when Robbie Dawkins came to my church and showed a video clip from the movie “Furious Love.” There’s a point in the trailer that says, “Truth is not a teaching. Truth is a Person.”

A few days before, I was talking to Jesus about naming the year 2011, and He told me it’s the year of “pravda,” the Russian word for truth. And so it has been.

Someone said to me two weeks ago that a group I’d attended seems to be a magnet for honest people. I agreed, the people there were pretty open about talking about their pasts. That much is undeniable. Heck, I’d even shared some of my stuff, and it was my first time meeting everyone in this small group.

But that statement has been gnawing at me for the last couple of weeks, and I finally realized what it is. The Not-So-Casual Observer gave me a book that says, “It harms our souls to give the facts and nothing but that facts,” and that’s exactly what I do. I can talk about my stuff, but there’s absolutely no emotional connection to what I’m saying.

So what is the truth? It is universal. It is relentless. It is enduring. It has no shadow or turning. Truth is a person, the person of Jesus. Truth is integrous, integrated. And since what I speak engages only my body (lips) and not my soul (emotions) and spirit, it’s not integrated. It is not truth.

I’m mulling this over, how to be safe enough to speak truth. I’ve taken some risks lately in relationships to talk about not only the things that happened to me, but also how they made me feel, and how they affect me now. It feels profoundly risky, and it exposes my fear of being known, but I guess those are good things. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!


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