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  • Current weight: 162.6 (61% to stretch goal)
  • Change in pounds: -6.8
  • Body Fat: 32.7% (-1.5%)

There are no measurements because I couldn’t find the tape measure (something about having four kids, I’m sure it’s in one of their bedrooms). I’d look again today, but we had Chuck E. Cheese for my girl’s birthday, and I’m up two pounds of water weight from all that salt, blech.

Soo… I lost a great deal of weight these last two weeks. I wonder if it’s going to stay that way; two great weeks followed by two blah weeks. I can’t say. All I know is that by the ides of March I should be in the 150’s again, woot!

150 is a mental place for me that’s tough to conquer. It’s what I weighed in high school. The day I broke 150 last time I wept. The day I got under 140 was “wow.” I leveled out at 133 and was pretty content there. This time I’m shooting for 124, just to see how it feels.

I may decide once I get into the 130s that 124 just isn’t for me. I might decide I’d like to go a bit further. The low end of healthy for my height is 105, so I’ve got plenty of room (and let me be clear, I don’t see myself EVER wanting to be below 115 or so). All that’s wishful thinking right now, though, as I’m still in the 160s. Still, I’ll call this two weeks a solid effort and hope that this quick weight loss trend continues!

Since my HRM died, I read about a jillion reviews and decided to try the Polar FT4 monitor and the Wearlink+ strap. I’m pleased with how the strap feels for the most part, but wearing it for yoga is decidedly uncomfortable when you’re doing work on your belly. That wasn’t the case with my T31 strap. Otherwise, I’m finding it comfortable and accurate, and a great purchase!

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So another two weeks have passed, and I suppose I’m ok with making just a little progress. I weighed a full pound less yesterday than I do today, and that makes me absolutely crazy. I ate restaurant food four times in the last two weeks, and that certainly doesn’t help the weight loss efforts!

  • Current weight: 169.4 (55% to stretch goal)
  • Change in pounds: -2.4
  • Bust 38″ (-1″)
  • Waist: 34″ (-0.5″)
  • Hips: 43″ (-1″)
  • Body Fat: 34.2% (-1.6%)

My beloved heart rate monitor gave up the ghost this week. *cry* I bought it after my Joyful One was born, and it’s served me well 5-6 days a week, often twice a day, for all this time. RIP, HRM. A new one has been ordered, will report on it after I’ve had a bit of time to use it.

All in all, an ok two weeks.

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