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At my last session, the Not-So-Casual Observer and I were discussing a conversation I had with Jesus earlier in the week. She “suggested” that I write what I’d just told her and submit it to the church newsletter (apparently there ARE weird things about being in the same church as your therapist; if I were still at AVC, she couldn’t have given me that homework).

That led to a conversation wherein she casually said, “You’ve always had a good relationship with Jesus, but . . . ” and went on to say that now it’s really rich and defined, strong. It made me smile, but not for the reason she thought.

I doubt that she remembers asking how I experience God a few months back. She had asked about my relationship with Jesus, and I told her that He and I were getting acquainted. I had just expressed that, having daddy issues, I don’t really do well with God as Father. She asked if I related most to the Holy Spirit, but wasn’t true, either. I just sort of experienced the totality of the godhead as Creator, distant and powerful. Interesting what a difference a few months can make.

I’ve know Jars of Clay’s “Love Song for a Savior” since the first days of my faith, but now I get it. I’m now in a place where I can’t imagine going back to the religion I gave up just four months ago, because I’d have to give up the vibrancy¬† of my relationship with Jesus and, you know, that’s just not an option. Wow. I think that’s authentic transformation.


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