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The Joy Project

I’m working on several things in counseling (Who am I kidding? I’m working on EVERYTHING in counseling). Last week one of the things I feel like Jesus said was to work on a scrapbook of sorts called The Joy Project. While much of what it will contain is too intimate to share with anyone, I’d like to share what I can here.

One of my assignments last week was to find a few people and ask them four questions:

1. What do you perceive as bringing me joy?

2. What do you enjoy about our relationship?

3. What good things do you see in me that I miss?

4. What do you enjoy about me?

You may imagine that these make me want to puke. I asked four friends to answer them and am awaiting their responses. I’m planning to put them in my Joy Project, at least the ones where Jesus whispers in my ear, “That’s true, my love.”

I’ve told the Not-So-Casual Observer that it’s her flip, offhand comments, the stuff she says without thinking, that I tend to think about for several days after my session. Tonight she said something at the tail end that I’ve been chewing on for a couple of hours now, and it makes me blush every time it crosses my mind.

She said, “I experience a lot of joy when I’m around you.” No one’s ever said anything like that to me before, and I told her so, then got sorta quiet. I assumed she sensed my discomfort and would leave it alone (ha!  ha ha!!), but nooooooo. She pushes the point further. “That’s how it should have been all along.” Sigh.

Maybe then I’d know what it’s like to let people (gulp) enjoy me, to enjoy them.

Today’s bit of joy was the first daffodil of the season. This brave little flower opened up when no one around it would.


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