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Here are a few of the things I’ve completed lately for nap time art (cue shameless picture post):


This painting is called ambivalence.


This lap quilt took a few days, but the stuffie only took a couple of hours.


Harvest light.


I heart matryoshka.


This painting is based on the Listener song Wooden Heart. My sweet friend Dinah introduced me to this band, and it’s pretty amazing stuff.


I’ve become slightly addicted to Pinterest, and it’s shows here. I love how simple this project was (though it too for.ev.er.)!


Dinah called me an artist today, and it sorta freaked me out. I mean, I create things, sure, but I’m so much more comfortable with crafty than artistic. I wonder, what’s the difference? And why does the one seem so daunting while the other seems so provincial. Hmm?

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