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For the first time, I’m actually pretty embarrassed to bring you an update! If you read here regularly, you know the things I’ve been struggling with lately, but never before have I used that as an excuse for not losing weight. Sigh. Here goes.

  • Weight: 153.4 (70.6% to stretch goal)
  • Change in pounds: -1.4 lbs.
  • Body Fat: 29.6% (-0.2%)
  • Bust: 36.0″ (-0.5″)
  • Waist: 32″ (same)
  • Hips: 41″ (same)

Part of the problem is my night eating. This has gotten way out of control, latel. I’ll do fine all day, eating a moderate amount and going upstairs for the night. Then at some point around 10 pm I’ll just wander downstairs and eat anywhere from 300-500 calories. It’s not generally junk (because we don’t have much in the house), but a handful of almonds, one square of dark chocolate, and a banana is 300 calories. That explains why I’m only in a 350 calories per day deficit; I’d have lost double what I did if I were to cut the night eating.

Right now I’m going to try a modified Medifast type thing (except I’d never actually DO Medifast because a) the soy b) the artificial sweetener c) I’m nursing and d) I can’t spend that kind of cash just feeding myself). I’m eating five 200 calorie “meals” plus dinner. We’ll see if that works for me. I’m thinking it’ll look something like:

9 am: power bar

11 am: 2 eggs, 1 tangerine

1 pm: whole wheat English muffin with coconut oil

3 pm: 1 oz almonds, half an apple

5 pm: dinner

7 pm: green smoothie

9 pm (if necessary, going for 100 calories here, probably a banana)

That should bring me in around 1500 calories per day. My workouts have tapered down to about 6 hours per week, so that should be enough food for my body not to freak out. However, the Radiant One is 7 months old and still not on solids, so she may be requiring a little more nutrition right now. Who knows.

I’m not going to make a goal for the next two weeks. I’m really bummed that I’m not out of the 150s by now like I was hoping, and at this rate, I won’t be for another month (at least). Going to try to give myself some grace in this place, but I’m not happy about it.


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