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Lately I’ve been in a creative mood. I want things to be beautiful, and I want to make them beautiful myself. That’s why there’s a big honkin’ sewing machine on my living room floor (a gift from my mother-in-law), and there are a half dozen paintings propped on the wainscoting.

I decided to institute nap time art each day. That’s a project I can do, start to finish, in two hours while my kids are upstairs resting (they almost never sleep, but alas). I’m using this time to do things I enjoy, regardless of how they look to other people.

What I haven’t been doing is writing, but that totally needs to change. I feel like there’s a poem to be written for each painting, so here’s the first effort. I only had about six minutes of the two hours left for this one after painting, so keep that in mind. You can also see the draft behind the top of the painting. 🙂

The loamy earth greets, beckons, draws me deep into the cavern of trees
Down I go, from hilltop descended
Barbs whipping around tender calves
Biting at tender flesh

The forest holds me deep in her womb
Hums her lullabies over me
as the wind whispers,
“Hush little babe.”

Sweet safety,
Mother of my youth, you held me close
My fingertips caressed your rough skin
Your shoots brushed soft wisps from my face

I yearn for your protection even now,
the quiet canopy of safety you offered
When sunlight landed on my cheeks
like patterned lace.

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