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I told you a couple weeks ago that I won a contest on The Nester’s blog from Dayspring. They came yesterday, so I wanted to show you what they look like!

The first picture is half the set spelling Joy. The second is most of our six-foot mantel. Third is one of the large blocks, just for scale. They’re a lot bigger than I was expecting them to be! Finally, the caged bird, a verse from the Psalms, and pretties. There’s a ninth block but I didn’t have room for it this time. I’m excited to try different configurations on the included card.

I’m surprised at how much I enjoy this set. The colors are richer than the Dayspring site makes them appear, which I love. My living room has a red sofa and mustard colored curtains with a green chaise, so it’s just about perfect for my house!

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Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor.” –Romans 12:10

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to be preferred. Apparently it’s not enough to be created on purpose, now I have to be, as the Not-So-Casual Observer said yesterday, “one of the most amazing people God ever created.” Yes, she’s pushing my buttons. Yes, she knows it. I suspect that she likes it. 🙂

Anyhow, so Jesus and I were hanging out, talking about being preferred. I told Him that if someone had ten invitations to a party and it came down to me and another person for that last spot, I don’t believe I’d be the one chosen. And do you know what He said in response? “Why couldn’t you be in the top nine?”


Then just a few minutes later, “Why couldn’t you be first?

A couple weeks ago I entered a contest on the Nester’s blog. I won this absolutely adorable set of decorative blocks, which is awesome since I’ve got decorating fever right now. When I checked my faithful Google reader, I saw God’s hand. When you look at the list of winners, I was first. Sweet, sweet Jesus.

Enter this morning. A few weeks ago, the NSCO assigned me some homework to write about an experience with God for our church newsletter (really more of a writer’s corner).* I grudgingly did it, but I wasn’t happy about it. 🙂 Today Epi came out for this two-month period, and there was my piece. First.

I glanced at Cara sideways, but didn’t mention it. We chatted for a few minutes after the service and she said, “I didn’t put it there, (the guy who designs it) did the whole layout.”

Being preferred: it’s uncomfortable, it’s sweet, it’s learning to live in His faithfulness.

*The online version isn’t on our website yet. I’ll either post it or link to it when it is because I know SOMEONE will ask. 🙂

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