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If you know me, you know that I love Russia. My heart is for the people there to reclaim their identity as children of God, though long-buried and seemingly irreparable to men. Going to Russia in 2009 changed my life, for the better, forever.

Last week, I had lunch with Ransomed Grace. She and I got together to talk about her trip to Russia last month, chat about church and life and kids and, well, you get the picture. To catch up. And it was lovely.

While we were there, she told me that the non-profit she started during their time in Russia is celebrating its tenth anniversary next spring, and the Russian women asked if she would come back and lead a conference dedicated to training those on the front lives of caring for women who choose to keep their babies. Also while she was there, the women’s ministry leader along with the pastor’s wife asked her to lead a retreat for the Vineyard women of Russia.

I was getting a little melancholy hearing all of this because I love Russia, and it was one of the hardest things to give up when we changed churches. But I surrendered that dream because I knew God had a bigger dream for us than a biannual mission trip. He wanted us in community. Anyhow, so RG described the vision for the trip, and then dropped this bomb, “So would you pray about it, or is it just out of the question?”

Wait, what?!

I have been formally invited to join a team going next April to Perm, Russia. And I really think I’m supposed to go, but I’m definitely still praying to hear more. So if you know me offline, expect that I’m going to be talking about it, writing a support letter, and asking for help with my kids. It’s a huge undertaking, raising more than two thousand dollars in support, finding people to care for four children a few days while the Music Man is at work, preparing and meeting and praying and hearing from the Lord for the Russian people.

I couldn’t be more excited.


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