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I Am

Almost two years ago I got the above tattoo. I Am is my favorite name of God, and has been since the very first days of my faith.

While other names of God appeal to me, this one keeps me coming back to His feet, and I can see why. It’s a statement of His existence. It’s a name of mystery. It’s a profound answer to so many questions. It resonates in a deep bass when the emptiness swirls around me. I Am. All-sufficient.

But on this journey into self, deciding and deciphering who I am, I Am. Because He Is, I am. We have the same name, and I’m reminded of that fact. As my name is engraved into the palms of His hands, His name is carved permanently into my flesh. I’m learning to breathe those words, use them as a touchstone when I quake with fear, am overwhelmed by doubt.

Every time we make a statement about who we are, we use the name of God. Perhaps this is because He wants us to remember who we were created to be, to speak truth when speaking about our identities.

I am here.

I am His.

I am loved.

I am safe.

I am a thousand other things I’m too afraid to own or too dull to comprehend.

Still and although, I am.


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