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I’m realizing that I’m  not big on trust. I don’t trust God, I don’t trust others, I don’t trust myself, and I certainly don’t trust God or others with me.

My friend Luane (Hi LuLu!) emailed me about a book called TrueFaced, and I’ve been reading through it. It’s really amazing; deep but accessible; challenging but gentle. The premise is this: You have only two choices. You may choose to please God, or you may choose to trust Him.

I’m a pleaser, through and through. I follow rules, I generally do what is expected of me, I like order, and all of the things that follow naturally from that mindset. The problem, though, is that I NEVER feel like God is pleased with me.

So this book sort of makes my head explode. It says that it’s impossible to please God without trusting Him (from Hebrews 11), so taking the pleasing path doesn’t really please Him at all. Augh.

Couple reading that book with the ways the Not-So-Casual-Observer is helping to guide me to greater intimacy with Jesus, you can see how I’m having to allow my worldview to change, slowly, one word from the Lord at a time.

But what does it mean to trust? Practically speaking, how does it look? What steps does one take to trust God or another person? That I still don’t know. Need to finish the book, do some outside reading, and hear from some people who know more than I do.

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