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Last night Cara and I went to get tattoos. I had a tat I wanted back in April, but Jesus asked me to wait until He said yes. I got the yes two weeks ago, made a consultation appointment last week, and went last night.

Now for some background. Late December 2010, Jesus told me that this would be the year of truth. It came in a funny way, seeing a sign in a bar in a movie, in Russian. Since I speak and read some Russian, I was able to understand that it was transliterated “pravda,” the Russian word for truth. Jesus says He is the truth, and He’s been showing me some deep and deeply painful things this year.

Yeah, it’s been painful. I can’t say that I’ve ever done anything more difficult, but it’s been so, so awesome as well. I love this process and will be sad to see this year end. I anticipate that I’ll ask Jesus to give me a name for 2012, too. It’s just so cool to know, at least in broadbrush, what God wants to teach you in a year’s time!

So back to the tattoo. We got started with mine at like 8:45 and were paid and headed home by 9, but here are a few pictures of that painful 15 minute interlude.

Getting started

Trying unsuccessfully to find my happy place.

Truth forever etched into my skin


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