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Are you singing with me? “Highway to the danger zone. Take a ride into the danger zone.” If not, you weren’t born in the late 70s/early 80s.

I haven’t talked much about my history of an eating disorder because it’s generally a non-issue. I get a little grippy with my thoughts a couple days a year, but I think that’s pretty normal. The Not-So-Casual Observer and I have had some conversation regarding how much I exercise and how much I eat. She thought that my 10 hours of exercise (with no more than two per day) plus 1500-1800 calories (because I’m nursing) was reasonable.


I’m now at a weight where I really need to do more than that for all-around strength and fitness to reach my goal on time. I can’t get the calorie burn I need from just one hour of cardio per day. I need four hours to lift each week, and I’d like to get some yoga and Pilates back into my schedule. Fourteen hours should help, hopefully.

Until now, I’ve been pretty consistent with a 10-11 hour gym week, but I need to bump it up. I’ve lost flexibility because I don’t have time to get to yoga. My powerhouse isn’t as strong as it should be, giving me back pain because my abs aren’t strong enough to carry the load. My hip flexors are holding up, but I really need to get some cross-training in (preferably in the pool for my joints). There’s just a lot to do, and 10 hours a week ain’t cuttin’ it.

Having limitations put on my gym time stresses me out and makes me want to stop eating. That’s not really an option, what with nursing a little one, which drives me back to wanting to work out more. It’s a vicious cycle. It seems natural to me that, when faced with obstacles, one should just work harder and do more to overcome them.

Last night in The Ragamuffin Gospel, a guy was talking about how he’d gone on a drinking binge after seven years of sobriety. He confesses, and the addiction counselor replies, “Relapse spells relief…let’s figure out what you needed relief from and why.”

So here I am…confessing that I’m struggling with obsessive thoughts, wishing I was losing more weight than I am, faster than I should. I’m falling behind my goal line on Sparkpeople, and that never feels good.

I guess I need to figure out what I need relief from, as well as where I’m going in terms of fitness hours, because this is dangerous territory for me. Off to plan!


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